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Welcome to Cambridge!

The Cambridge 300 Series – The Best Choice for Soaring Pilots and Gliding Clubs Worldwide

The Cambridge 300 Series is built on the technical know-how and soaring expertise of Dave Ellis, the first innovator to introduce digital flight data recording technology to the world of soaring.  These instruments have been enhanced by the collective experience of glider pilots who have flown with them, as well as refinements in their manufacture by R-Track Technologies, Inc.  No other products available on the market today or in the foreseeable future can match the Cambridge 300 Series.  They provide soaring enthusiasts with the advantage of sophisticated flight computing at low cost.  

If you are considering a purchase of soaring instruments for your sailplane, Cambridge  is the obvious choice:


Certified for use in competition soaring by the International Gliding Commission (IGC) of the Fedération Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), for all flights, the Cambridge 302 Direct Digital Vario and  Flight Data  Recorder and  the 302A Flight Data  Recorder  represent  a proven technology, perfected by years of experience.  


The Cambridge 303 is a low cost, easy to use display which functions with both the 302 and the 302A, as well as the 306.

The Cambridge 306 is a repeater for two seat gliders which exactly duplicates the output of the 302 and is fully functional with the 303 display.

Find out what Cambridge can do for you! 

For an educational introduction to the Cambridge 300 Series and what these instruments can do for you, click on the following link:

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